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28 Sept 2008


本會收到 " 好心" 機構提供以下物件捐贈, 如有會員或家屬需要, 請致電給本會職員跟進; 如有其他查詢, 亦可致電~~ 電話號碼: 3568 0610

1) 深啡色TV地櫃, 中間有兩個白色櫃筒, 兩邊玻璃趟門 長72", 深22", 高24"需自取

2) 噴霧加濕器 Cool Mist Humifier

3) Small freezer - 22 inches wide, 19 inches tall and 19 inches deep. Good for

ice cream and other small frozen items.

4) exercise machine

5) 1. 2 walking aids for the elderly (one for both hands to hold, one for one


2. 6 new long-sleeved white underwear top for winter; 3 new matching

underwear long pants (all L size for men);

3. 10 hamper baskets - good for transporting gifts during special occasions,

or for pets to sleep in;

4. one large duvet (good for double or queen size bed);

5. many men's pyjamas and shirts, in good condition;

6. 50 medium-sized plates (shaped like a cashew nut), some large soup

bowls and some cups and saucers - all new but some are slightly chipped.

6) 現有數十條全新普通圖案的毛巾仔,欲捐贈予有需要的人仕使用!!

7) 現有十小盒全新的中華牌鉛筆,欲捐贈予有需要的兒童使用!!

8) 3呎Bed 上下格

9) 4.5呎雙人床架連雅蘭床裖 元朗區自取

10) 白色餐桌連4張椅(給有須要家庭,須自取,九龍區)

11) 木色高身電視櫃/衣櫃 - L:47"(4ft); W:22";H:40", 五個櫃稿筒+掛衫大邊.

Wooden colour TV cupboard with 5 drawers, with clothings hanging.

(大埔自取, pick-up @ Tai Po) photos:

12) 我有一些bb物品,有左右bb孖車

13) HP printer


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